Marking techniques

Pad printing

Pad printing consists of engraving an iron plate with the desired drawing. This plate is dipped in ink so that the rubber pad is impregnated with the drawing of the iron plate and is applied to the selected product.

Pad printing is recommended in cases of products that have a reduced marking surface, such as pens or key rings, among others.


Screen printing consists of transferring ink through an insulated mesh of threads that is shaped into the desired drawing or logo and then the part that does not interest the mesh of threads to let the ink through is covered with an emulsion.

We recommend screen printing especially for t-shirts and textile products from approximately 50/60 units (depending on the size of the marking), as long as the printing is done in one colour. Otherwise, another more appropriate technique will be valued.


This technique is applied using a laser beam that engraves the design by burning the surface of the product, leaving a permanent and abrasion-resistant mark.

It offers high precision in the reproduction of the designs, as well as a long durability.


It is a thermal transfer marking technique on various materials such as cardboard, cloth, plastic or wood.

Pressure and heat are applied to an engraver (polymer with the embossed design), which comes into contact with the product and transfers the marking onto it.

A very elegant finish is obtained.


Using computer software, the design or logo is transferred to the embroiderer, which will translate those bits into ‘stitches’ of thread with the desired shape.

It can be done in two ways: by making it directly on the garment, or by creating embroidered patches that can later be glued or sewn on it.

It allows you to apply the design on almost any textile garment.


Sublimation is a marking technique that works by transferring color to a product (100% polyester or coated with a polyester bath), by applying heat.

We recommend it for full color prints, and small print runs on a white article. Also to carry out large 100% customizable productions. In this case, the textile article is made according to the customer’s needs.

Digital printing

Full color printing through a printer or ink plotter, on a multitude of stationery supports (brochures, folders, cards, etc..), or Large Format material (vinyl, canvas, etc..).

In the case of Large Format, there is the possibility of printing on flexible (eg: adhesive vinyl), or rigid (eg: forex or wood).

In the case of vinyl, there is also a variant that allows us to apply it on a textile garment.

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