Some projects

Tote Bags C.I. Formentera

100% cotton bag personalized in 1 color screen printing.

Amazon BCN Sweatshirts

Personalized unisex sweatshirt with sleeve and teat in screen printing, with a 2-color logo.

Vincle Cerdanya Bottles

Stainless steel drums with screw cap for liquids/drinks, laser marked.

T-shirts “Sr. Peix”

Cotton T-shirt, screen printed in 2 colors with a white base to stand out on a dark garment background.

Mugs LetGo

Personalized mugs in full color sublimation, with an enveloping design.

Tecnocampus towels

1-sided sublimated beach towel that was included in a gift pack for a summer event.

Mugs Accessible Market

Cup with spoon set, personalized in 1-color pad printing.

E.G.O Notebooks

MOLESKINE notebooks screen printed in 1 color on the cover, in order to cover a larger marking area.

Mapryser pens

Personalized pens in two different versions, a 1-color marking, and two 2-color markings.

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