Bags and backpacks


Wide variety of textile bags with customizable handles on 1 or 2 sides, either in plain colors or in full color. Models made of cotton or recycled cotton, to make them more eco-sustainable.


We have everything from simple rope and polyester products to high-end models with waterproof fabrics, a multitude of pockets, and high-quality finishes. Customizable with different techniques, from screen printing to embroidery.

Cups and bottles


Cups of different materials; from the classic ceramic ones to more eco-sustainable models such as bamboo. Available in different colors and capacities. The ceramic models can be personalized with circular printing in full colour, in sublimation. For other models, consult.


All kinds of bottles made of different materials: from the classic glass or plastic ones, to stainless steel models, which allow you to keep your drink hot/cold for hours. Multitude of models available in different colors and capacities. Customizable and different marking techniques, from laser to flat colors or full color printing (see models).

Office and Fair


We have a large selection of office products (notebooks, molesquins, stationery, etc.), available in a wide variety of colors and different models. Customizable in different marking techniques: from flat colors or full color printing, to thermoengraving.


We have a wide range of merchandising products to give you maximum visibility at fairs and similar events. Whether you organize (identifiers, lanyards, etc..), or expose (displays, posters, etc..).



From the basic plastic or aluminum, to the most refined ranges. We have the widest range of pens, in a multitude of different colors and customizable in pad printing (flat ink), and laser.


Graphite pencils with a wooden or aluminum body for pad printing (flat ink) and laser marking. We also have colored sets for events with the little ones, presented in customizable cardboard boxes.



Portable batteries of different sizes, formats and colors. They can be personalized both in pad printing or screen printing ink, as well as laser engraving (for a finer finish). Some models allow full color customization (digital UV).


Wireless speakers with bluetooth connection. Customizable with different marking techniques (depending on the model), and available in different finishes such as aluminum or bamboo, and even waterproof models to be able to use them while taking a bath. 😉



Protect yourself from the sun with any of the hundreds of models that we can offer you. Plastic and/or bamboo frames, for a more eco-friendly finish. We have folding models. Ideal for outdoor summer events. Customizable on the pin/s.


Umbrellas/Parasols in different finishes and colors. You can customize both the fabric -screen printing or vinyl-, as well as the cover (in some specific models). From elegant and stately models to more youthful styles with a wide range of colors available.



We have all kinds of t-shirts: men, women, unisex, sleeveless, long-sleeved, technical, and much more. One of the star products in the world of merchandising, due to its wide versatility. We can customize them in screen printing or vinyl, either cut or digitally printed.


From the most basic fabrics, to pieces with high quality finishes. With hood, without hood, zipper, etc… A good product both to ‘dress’ and to promote your company. Customizable in screen printing or vinyl, either cut or digitally printed.

Import to your liking

Import to your liking

If you have an idea, are looking for a specific product, or know what product you want but need to improve the price for large quantities, contact us.

We look for it, we quote it, and if it fits you, we bring it to you from origin -possibly-, in record time.

In most cases, we can give you a very competitive price without going against quality.

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